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Our Yellow Pages Directory is the location for products, services, web sites that will benefit you as well as a host of listing services to help the Real Estate Appraiser, Home Inspector, Draw Inspector or Real Estate Professional.  Take your time and research each link. Many of our graduates use these sites to maintain and improve their skills as well as marketing opportunities to increase their business BOTTOM line.

   (Appendix D for HUD)
Apartment Rental Guide
   New York Real Estate Directory

The NY State, Dept. of State Approves Licensing for Real Estate, Appraisal , Home Inspection,  Real Estate, Appraisal and Home Inspection type Continuing Education. These programs are Accredited to The Appraisal Education Network School at the Merrell Institute- Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- School Director

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Informational Web Site dedicated to Appraisal Training in NYS

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Free On-Line SBA Courses

Principles for a Good Educational Presentation in a PDF file

Appraisal Management Companies ~ Should you work for them?


      Real Estate Appraisal Service
Real Estate Appraisal Service

Appraisal  Informational  Sources

Appraisal          Appraisal

Appraisal               Appraisal

 REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory


The Appraisal Education Network School  is  approved for Educational Training By the Following Governmental Agencies In New York State as well as National Status:

NYS- Dept. of State (Approved for Licensing, Certification and C/E Credit)  over 50 approval codes
US Department of HUD- Appraisal Training  HUD, 203K, Pre-Certifications
New York State Department of Transportation  Residential, Commercial and Continuing Education
NYS-Education Dept.-V.E.S.I.D. approved  (This is the organization that assists those with disabilities)
Appraisal Foundation- USPAP Courses as authorized by Congress  Approval 1022
New York State Office of Real Property Services  Educational Approval and listed on their site well as many local Assessors Offices


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