This is a Detailed Articulation of Lighting which can be purchased for many uses, both for visual purposes and for identification, ie. Pet stains, etc. Contact Joseph Consoli at 1-845-267-2197 for more pricing and details.  e-mail: jac.ii@verizon.net



The ultimate compact lights for work, fishing, boating, hunting, camping, home and personal security, rescue, travel, and officers of the law. Each have been selected to be the best quality and value of it's type, including the body, the switch and the LED. Do not be fooled by lights that just look similar. Most  LED lights purchased in average retail stores and on the internet have poor whiteness and brightness.            Always buy from a professional.

LEDs are virtually shock and burnout proof in comparison to light bulbs. LEDs allow batteries to last 10X - 20X longer than bulb flashlights. Their light output far out performs bulb flashlights of the same size. Everyone is noticing that traffic lights ( red, yellow, and green ) and tail lights on cars and trucks are being switched to LEDs. Boats, RVs, motorcycles, planes are all switching to brighter and more efficient LEDs. Fragile energy wasting bulbs are being phased out.



The everyday safety light

The handiest and most potentially lifesaving item you'll ever own.  One extremely white and bright 5MM LED. Saves people from tripping, falling down stairs, and walking into walls etc. during darkness and especially power outages.









General purpose Car, Home and Work


3 LED 3 N batteries. Three extremely white and bright  LEDs. Heavy stainless steel body great for self defense striking force.


12 LED 2 AA batteries. Twelve extremely white and bright 5MM LEDs. A nice affordable beginners model. Great flood plus throw out to 100' in familiar mini mag style 2 AA size.      


 21 LED  3AAA compacts in 4  great colors. Twenty one Extreme white 5MM LEDs.


32 LED 3 AAA batteries. Thirty two extremely white and bright 5MM LEDs. Floods and throws a fantastic amount of shadow free light out to 150'. Which is great for such a compact light. Great for all general indoor and outdoor use.                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    45 LED 3 AA batteries. YES !  Forty Five extremely white and bright LEDs. The ultimate Cluster. Super flood and throws out to 200' outdoors. Good for self-defense blinding and striking.



                                                                                                        Heavy Duty Belt Holsters




ULTRA VIOLET CLUSTER: For identifying counterfeit bills, hidden glue repaired crystal and falsely restored paintings. Hunters track blood and find lost arrows. Home and restaurant inspectors ID rodent urine. Dog and cat urine can be found on carpet so it can be cleaned to remove odor. CSI and BSI locate semen and blood samples to do DNA testing. Inspectors check for proper cleaning of toilet seats and door knobs etc. Vacationers check hotel sheets and pillow cases for cleanliness before hopping into bed. Organic gardeners find destructive fluorescent leaf eating worms. Fire inspectors spot fire accelerants  and airport inspectors identify phosphorus based explosives residues.  UV allows locating of fluorescent scorpions, fluorescent rocks etc.

21 LED Ultra Violet 3 AAA batteries compact with belt pouch. Easy to wear and have handy for immediate use.










Everyday hands free helper for men and women and children.

Very expensive head lights were first invented for caving, but not any more !!

Light weight compact LED headlights are great worn on the forehead or on the hat or hard hat and even nicer worn on your chest by sliding the elastic straps over your head. Affordable LED headlights are also a must for the car and the work bench, boating, fishing, hunting, camping, and anywhere weak light  or darkness is encountered. They're a big help when working with small hard to see items like screws, seeds, beads, fine drawing and painting, sewing and any business or craft where extra light is helpful. Batteries last seemingly endless, 20X longer than most bulb flashlights which we've been plagued with through out our lives.


12 LED 2 AA batteries headlights. Twelve extremely white and bright LEDs. The  most handy compact LED light. A pleasure for hands free work . Great for up close work and out to 100'. A must for electricians, mechanics, exterminators, and home inspectors.


12 or 21 LED 3 AAA batteries multi mode headlights. Same great features as the 12 LED headlight plus 4 different settings. Low (1 LED) to conserve batteries out to over 50 Hours, Medium (8 LED), High (21 LED) for full power, Flashing rescue setting which runs for over 100 Hours.













Luxeon LED lights:  The smallest whitest brightest lights of our lives.

High powered self defense or walking or emergencies.

A single 1 Watt Luxeon star LED 3 AAA batteries. Super concentrated beam to 300' plus a wide beam wash for seeing what you could trip over and what is at eye level so you donít get poked in the eyes. Great for work, sports, and self-defense blinding and striking. I've had customers save them selves from close calls with    bears, skunks and large wild dogs. They blasted their night vision eyes with Luxeon power and sent them running away screaming.



A single 3 Watt Luxeon star LED 3 AAA or 3 C batteries or 1 or 2 lithium 123 batteries for cold outdoor winter use. Super concentrated beam to over 300'. Great compact multi use high-powered LED light. Good for work, sports, and self defense blinding and striking. 3 C model for longer run time can be used to light up ceiling to light up room during power outages as well as self defense baton work.







A single 5 Watt Luxeon star LED  4 C or 2 lithium 123 compact. The ultimate light blaster for home and professional law enforcement self defense blinding and striking. LARGER Concentrated spot and brighter outer light wash than 3 watt. The 5 watt throws a fantastic amount of light out to 500' plus.











 Once you own and start using quality LED lights you will never go back to antiquated bulb flashlights. High quality LED lights are a true treat, due to the advancements in micro chip development.

You will notice that you will be able to see smaller details better with LED Whiter Brighter Shadow free light.


Caution: Never shine any bright bulb or LED light into someone's eyes for an extended period of time. A second or two in darkness is more than enough to disorient an attacker in order to strike or flee for self defense.


In order to insure performance always buy from a professional who actually uses and tests the products.


Joseph Consoli


These high performance LED lights are fondly referred to as BURNERS  !!

It's a pleasure to graduate from the outdated amber light that bulb flashlights throw to

                                                       LED WHITE LIGHT !!