The Merrell Institute and the Appraisal Education Network School

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Independent Appraisers working for their own firm- typically a sole proprietorship or an LLC-

Employee of a Lending Institution

Employee or Contractor of an Appraiser Management Company

To enter the field you enter as a trainee in NY State

After 2 years or more you may gain the needed the experience to become either a

Licensed Real Estate Appraiser (2 years or more experience)

154 hours coursework and College Education

Certified Residential Appraiser (2 years or more)

204 hours coursework and Bachelor Degree

Certified General Appraiser (2.5 years or more)

304 hours of coursework plus Bachelor Degree

Certified Residential Appraisers can appraise 1-4 family homes

General Appraisers can appraise all types of Real Estate in NYS

Licensed Appraisers can perform 1 family non complex properties

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- School Director

Appraisal Education Network School

1461-16 Lakeland Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716