For Those Who Wish To Become Certified Residential Within The Next 2 Years !

October 1st, 2004: Latest Update

If you are a Licensed Appraiser Assistant, you have received a permission admission card to allow you to take the Licensed Appraiser Exam. Taking this test will lock you into the License Level for Appraising in New York State. If you have successfully completed the R-3 and R-4 Courses you may be eligible to have your admit card upgraded by the State of New York, to take the Certified Residential Exam, and thus ultimately bypass the License Exam all together.

Note: Exam results are good for no more than 24 months, so you must make sure that when and if you take the License and/or certified exam, you must complete your required experience and file same within 24  months of passing your state exam, or the exam results will not be honored by the state. This is as a result of federal regulations and the state is merely enforcing these guidelines which the state cannot waive. Take it from me, Bill Merrell, owner of the state's largest Appraisal school, who successfully passed both the residential and general certification exams when licensing cam to fruition. I was required to retake the exam because my licensure as the owner of this school is in the inactive status. Since this new guidelines, I have not been required by the state to return my license, or I would have to retake the state exam every 2 years for life.

The Next Step: Once you complete R-3 and R-4. call the State at 518-474-4429, and speak with a real person, not a recording device. Explain that you wish to return your admit card for the license exam and have it replaced with the Certified Residential Exam admit card. They will ask you to send back your original admit card plus the R3 and R4 Certificates to prove you are eligible to take the Certified Residential exam. Do this, overnight it to the person you speak with and contact them to verify receipt of all the documents. make copies for yourself in the event they get lost in transit. Always overnight or send the documents certified mail. Within 2-3 weeks you will receive via first class mail an admit card allowing you to take the Certified Residential Exam.

You must prepare for this exam or you will fail. Good Appraisers who have not studied have failed. Good appraisers who were under the weather with colds, illnesses, etc. have failed. Do not be a statistic. Do everything in your power to pass the state exam the first time and get on with your career goals. If you need added help in preparing for study for the state exam, we can help. Check out our Smart Study program. Many appraisers have found it to be very helpful in their study routine.


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