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N.Y.S.A.N. “New York State Appraisal Network”

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1461-17 LAKELAND AVE., BOHEMIA, NY 11716 ~ 631-567-6776 ~ FAX: 631-563-7719

NYSAN's Official E-Mail is:  nysanamc@gmail.com  This is the official e-mail to send NYSAN  the certified appraisal, for each ordered appraisal. We require the appraiser to contact us daily to give us a status update.  Under USPAP guidelines, we order the appraisal, and all communication must be coordinated through NYSAN. In the event the appraiser contacts the lender/mortgage broker directly, the appraiser would be in violation of HVCC Guidelines/ now known as Dodd Frank. The appraiser is not permitted to discuss the appraised value with the lender.  As per  HVCC guidelines/ now known as Dodd-Frank , Appraisers must contact NYSAN, and NYSAN will communicate with the lender regarding the transaction. NYSAN will then contact the appraiser.

NYSAN Appraisers agree to comply with all older HVCC regulations/now Dodd-Frank Regulations. The Appraiser receives the order from NYSAN, not the lender. The lender may be the client, but the appraisal report must be returned to NYSAN. This guarantees that the appraisal cannot be altered and that it meets Dodd-Frank guidelines. The Appraiser must also attach the paragraph disclosure that Dodd-Frank and HVCC guidelines have been met. Refer to your NYSAN contract. We have the paragraph clearly posted in our web site. All Appraisers should keep up-to-date and read and review all documents to make sure that all appraisals are compliant with State and Federal Guidelines. If you have any questions, please call us at 631-567-6776 or 631-563-7720.

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.- E-Mail for correspondence is: drmerrell@optonline.net

Direct  N.Y.S.A.N. E-Mail for correspondence and Appraisals  nysanamc@gmail.com  

Fax number- All appraisers must have a compatible fax number for NYSAN orders 631-563-7719 is our fax number  

~ NYSAN ~ New York State Appraisal Network ~ Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. ~ NYSAN ~  New York State Appraisal Network ~ 631-563-7720 ~


AIR- Appraisal Independence Regulations- FNMA-FHA-FHLMC


NYSAN E-mail:  nysanamc@gmail.com

All Members send e-mails correspondence to drmerrell@optonline.net  Bill Merrell- NYSAN's Executive Director.

Appraisals are to be sent to nysanamc@gmail.com To: NYSAN,

You list the lender (and,or its assigns) as the client on the appraisal. On an addendum, you must state the following:

   We now have over 25,000 gig's of storage to keep copies of each and every appraisal through 

 N.Y.S.A.N.- New York State Appraisal Network, 1461-17 Lakeland Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716 631-567-6776

We also create hard copies of appraisal assignment as required to meet proposed regulations in NYS