"N.Y.S.A.N. Appraisal Pricing Schedule For N.Y.S.A.N. Members"

Prices include UAD Compliance as of 9-1-15

N.Y.S.A.N. members who were assigned to the Price structure committee,  worked on how to offer appraisal products to clients who want to order appraisals through our N.Y.S.A.N. Appraisal Management Network.

These are the agreed upon pricing for NYSAN's Appraisal Management Network. This was based upon careful review of other firm pricing, AMC's pricing structures, and what we believed would be a fair and reasonable.  Some members would like higher fees, and other desired lower fees. These are the NYSAN Member agreed fees, if you wish to have appraisals ordered through NYSAN.

A: To generate clients who wanted to use NYSAN members for all their appraisal needs

B: To benefit the public with fair pricing.

C: To allow competent N.Y.S.A.N. Appraisers to receive equitable fees for Appraisal Services in New York State.

D: NYSAN will not remit payment for appraisal to appraiser until appraisal fee is rendered by client-lender  NYSAN will Not issue a paid bill to lender until payment is made in full. Appraisers understand that NYSAN cannot pay an appraisal fee to appraiser until payment is made by lender-client.


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