Open House To Become An Appraiser in New York State
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This web site will help you understand what is needed to become an Appraiser in New York
The First step is the Required 150 Hours of Education. The Courses are:

Due to Popular Demand We Set Up This Virtual Web Site For Answers to Common Questions- For further information, Call 631-563-7720

Who hires appraisers?
Real Estate Brokers/Salespeople? ---NO
Lenders, Attorneys, Accountants, Tax Grievance Firms, Banks, The State and Federal Courts, etc.---YES  You can work directly for an appraisal firm or work as an independent working with multiple firms. Once you gain your experience, you can open your own office and work directly with lenders and hire appraiser assistants to work with you. Typically, when you enter the field of appraisal, you start by working for an appraisal firm. In order to prove yourself to the firm, you are responsible to show your potential new employer than you can actually perform an assignment from start to finish. We offer help with your first appraisal, known as the "mock appraisal". If you decide to perform the "mock" appraisal, it will be reviewed and returned to the student performing the assignment. It is a great way to learn by doing. You have 3 weeks from graduation to submit your appraisal to the school for review. We offer this service at no charge to the student, but don't think it's free. It takes our seasoned staff hours to review an assignment properly, and we expect the student to give us a competent, complete appraisal, with all layouts, photographs and addendums. All of these itesm were taught in class, and should be within the scope of a graduates ability. Our courses don't teach you simply to "Pass", we teach you to appraise. You should absorb everything taught in class. It will help you in your career.

Where do I look for work?
Typically a  appraiser new to the industry will seek employment with an established appraisal firm. You may be offered a salary or offered  a position where you are paid on a per appraisal basis. When working for the firm, you will be required to perform assignments, collect data, inspect properties, meet deadlines and work closely with the reviewer before the assignment is submitted to the lender client. It is your responsibility to actually complete each assignment issued to you. If you have any difficulties, you must communicate this to your employer. You are representing the appraisal firm and your actions will determine the success of failure of the assignment.

Can I open my own office?
After you become fully licensed or certified, that is then a possibility. As an assistant, you would be much better off working with an established firm to gain your experience and being taught properly. Most recognized Malpractice Insurance Type Companies (Known in the Industry as Errors and Omissions Insurance) will not underwrite someone fresh out of school- 2 years is usually the minimum time frame and this insurance is required to open your own firm and work with various lenders. Understand, even when you become fully licensed or certified you may still decided to work for a firm, as compared to going out on your own. It is your choice...but... 2 Years is the Key! The New State guidelines  changed effective January 1st, 2008.

Does the School offer job placement?
NO! As regulations in NYS clearly state, we are not allowed to. That's why we help prepare a student for a career by helping them with their "Mock" Appraisal Assignment. Some have found it to be the key to employment. Many student, from many counties throughout New York State attend our classes. We are dealing with well over 200 miles in distance in NY State alone. We have trained students from over 22 states outside of NY State and students from foreign countries have attended our school for training. Most recently, a student from the country of TURKEY to learn about property ownership and the role of property ownership and taxation. Simple concepts in NY, but new concepts to many foreign countries. Things are changing globally, and we are meeting the challenge with capable, qualified educators. It is important is that you look at the  local and regional papers classifieds. There are ads for appraisers in  6 different areas. Banking....Finance....Appraisal....Real Estate....Entry Level Positions....Trainees. Many potential appraisers just look up ads under appraiser. The internet is also a way to look for employment. We found 22 ads for appraisers in the Monster web sites alone.(1-6-05). We are here to help you become an appraiser by helping you to perform your first real appraisal- known as the "Mock Appraisal". This is what you show a potential employer to show the quality of your work. Understand one thing- Firms ire people who can complete appraisal assignments. It is important that you spend the time learning what is taught and then put it into actual an appraisal...from start to finish!. It is uncommon for an appraisal firm to take someone fresh out of school and pay that person a salary and then spend months to train them- That's what school does-We train you to perform an appraisal! You will learn how to appraise real estate in New York State. Once you successfully get a job, you must work professionally to keep your job. Some students have lost jobs after gaining employment, simply because they wanted to reinvent the wheel. Your job is to perform appraisal, not to teach your boss how to manage their firm better. They hired you as an appraiser, not as a management consultant. Everyone has an opinion, but it is your job to perform appraisals and do your job in a professional and competent fashion. We all start as "newbies". Our goal is to be regarded as seasoned pro's. This takes time and commitment and it also takes practice. It requires the new appraiser to be willing to accept advise and use this advise in each new assignment.

Are there other avenues I can pursue as an appraiser?
Yes- Reviewer, Closing Rep., Loan Officer, Assessment/Tax Grievance specialist, Home Inspector, Insurance Adjuster, and the list keeps growing. Even Assessor Offices and the County Clerks office has hired some of our graduates. It is up to you to determine what avenue of employment you are interested in. Nassau County had hired dozens of my graduates when they were reassessing, and my students actually hold positions throughout the State of New York in state, federal, county and local town government positions.

Is the Market fully saturated?
Not according to the States own files, CNN-Money magazine and even the National Appraisal Associations.. There are approx. 6000 appraisers in New York State. There are more accountants in the state, more financial institutions, more mortgage brokers, more attorneys and certainly more brokers and salespersons. (overall we account for a small population) The appraiser forum (on-line) did a survey (2001) that less than 5% of the appraisers nationwide were 30 years old or under and over 45% of the appraisers were over 58 and older. They suggest that there will be many more appraisers retiring in the next 10 years than entering the field and  there will be a shortage in this industry unless marketing of potential appraisers occurs.  The industry is always looking for capable, qualified, articulate individuals to enter the field and work towards a successful career. The one item which may cause a decrease in the number of  appraisers is the new regulations effective 1-1-08. This is as a result of national increased education regulations. These new rules do into effect effective 1-1-08 unless the state is able to obtain an extension. Our school updates, reevaluates and keeps up-to-date on each of our licensing and continuing education courses  for the past 20 plus years! Effective February, 2008, we were the only approved school for the new state mandated programs on Long Island, New York.


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