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9-1pm in class program ~or~

4 Hour On-Line Course to select from

We are proud to present the DOL 4 hour Mold Recertification Class. This new refresher program is being taught by both Joe Garcia, CEI, RHI, and Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. which developed this Program. The class will benefit each Licensed Mold Assessor and meet the requirements of the Industry. We are planning on offering this class in the Middle of February. We have limited seating. "Approval with NYS Pending-Class will run once Approved"


[   ]:(COURSE A1-2018) FEBRUARY 21, 2018 FROM 9AM TO 1PM    -OR-    [   ]:(COURSE A2-2018) FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 FROM 9AM TO 1PM

This course is being offered to meet the educational requirement of the Mold Assessor in meeting his or her continuing education requirements. We will only run the class, once we receive our approval and approval number from the NYS, Dept. of Labor. We are confident that the course will be approved by NYS and then we will run the class. 2 tentative dates have been selected as listed above (2/21/18 9-1pm  -or-  2/24/18 9-1pm)



*This will include a Discount 1st Year Registration of $ 50.00 to belong to the ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT ASSOCIATION.

On the web site at: . You will be eligible for the Designation, known as:

CMS Certified Mold Specialist

The CMS is an Environmental Professional who specializes in a wide range of mold contamination issues including, but not limited to, assessment, analysis and microbiology.

Call 631-563-7720 or Fax your registration to the school (Fax #: 631-563-7720)Image result for housing inspection foundation logo

Image result for housing inspection foundation logo

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Mold Assessor License Number:__________________ Expires____________

Payment of Advanced Discount Registration Rate of $ 195.00. Including the First  Year Discount from the

Environmental Assessment Association,  for CMS Designation.

Make Checks Payable to: MERRELL INSTITUTE            [  ] CLASS 1A-2018

1461-16 Lakeland Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716              [  ] CLASS 1B-2018

                        or Fax to: 631-563-7719 ~ Student E-mail____________________________________

We will only offer the above listed class after we are officially approved by the NYS, Dept. of Labor. Limited

seating, no refunds permitted once NYS Approves our program. Mandatory Attendance Required.



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