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"Residential Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Course Program"

30+ HOURS $ 495.00-BOOKS INCLUDED (NOT $ 695.00)  March 18, 19, 20, 21, 2009 8am to 5pm 3 1/2 days - Limited to 20 students !

Approved for 21 Hours of Home Inspector Continuing Education Credit and 21 Hours Appraiser Continuing Education Credit in NYS

Consider this as a new way to make money in this economy- read all about the program and  Sign Up Today! We teach you what you need to perform Energy Inspections

This course is  approved for Professional Development by the Housing Inspection Foundation, Environmental Assessment Association and Association of Construction Inspectors. Those who complete this program will receive their first year membership to North American Association Network and REA designation FREE. A $ 150 Value

Who Should Attend this course?

Contractors, Home Inspectors and Appraisers and those with a working knowledge of homes

What Will We Cover?

This program involves both theory and practical hands-on training. We will cover each aspect of Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Considerations for a residential home.  We will show you how to complete an Energy Inspection for the benefit of Homeowners and Home-buyers. Many homeowners can save thousands of dollars in energy bills over 5 years by implementing your written report recommendations.  We include the manuals you need to develop a detailed understanding of the process and create the Reports themselves for your use as a graduate! You also perform a Mock Energy Inspection for us to evaluate once you graduate our school. There is also a Comprehensive  Exam at course conclusion for REA Designation.

Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Course Program is Ahead of it's time!

The green movement is making a prevalent impact nationwide on the way corporations, government and local communities conduct daily activities.  But there's another segment of the population whose interest in ‘going green' could create an estimated 87,000 new jobs in the clean energy economy (source: U.S. Department of Energy).  We're talking about homeowners.

Nationwide, homeowners are more educated than ever before about the advantages of being energy conscious.  As a result, they are pursuing ways to save money on rising energy costs by weather-proofing their homes – which can reduce heating bills by 32% and overall energy bills by about  $350 per year at current prices (U.S. Department of Energy). 

And there's more good news - under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, about $8 billion has been invested into state and local weatherization and energy efficiency programs.  This means the Department of Energy will partner with state and local governments to put thousands of Americans to work and save families hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bills (DOE). We are not offering job placement, however based upon state and federal documentation, there is a need for high quality, energy efficiency inspectors, who are environmentally compliant.

Prepare to join the growing clean energy workforce with our Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Program.  Upon successful completion of this course, you can take REA (Residential Energy Assessment Designating) certification exam with confidence and launch a new career in an  industry that needs trained workers – and that can be you.

Affiliations and Designations:

Upon completion of this program, you will be eligible for the designation of R.E.A. Designation (Residential Energy Assessor) free, and membership to the Environmental Assessment Association  and the Housing Inspection Foundation. 1st Year Membership reduced from $ 215.00 to $ 59.00.

"Save Money, Save Energy, Save The Earth, One Home at a time"


To Sign Up, Call us at 631-563-7720– Limited Seating ! Professional Development Course

Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D., School Director    631-563-7720  Fax: 731-563-7719

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Directed by Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.- School Director:

School Location: Long Island, NY  631-563-7720

Merrell Institute and Appraisal Education Network School

BECOME AN ENERGY PROFESSIONAL TODAY ! We will only permit 20 students to enroll in our next program!

Check out a Realtor Page and Video on Energy Audits for Residential Homes


To Attend the Energy Audit Inspection Program, Call us at 631-563-7720 TODAY!


We will also be offering Energy Inspections , and those qualified are permitted to be listed in our National Yellow Pages for IR Inspectors


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