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All Real Estate and Appraisal Courses have been approved by the New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services as regulated by Licensing Law in NY State. Approved Entity: Appraisal Education Network School at the Merrell Institute, Bohemia, NY- School Director: Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D- More students attend our appraisal program in NY State that any other school in NY State. We thank our loyal graduates for their referrals and continued support. All Students who exclusively attend courses at this school are eligible to become members of NYSAN, the New York State Appraisal Network. The main web site for this organization is  Those not affiliated with our school must pay dues annually to remain a member. This is an added value of affiliating with our school!

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One competitor is charging $ 3,950.00 plus books. That's almost Four Thousand Dollars!! We charge $ 1595.00 (including all books, materials, and .pdf appraisal forms!) Our program is approved by NY State since licensing began in 1991 in NY State. (That's over $ 2,000 less than one of our competition and you receive more!) Our program  includes  manuals,  books, evaluation software, .pdf files, and e-mail access to comparable sales data for your first "Mock" Appraisal. Our competition charges you for the books the first day of class in addition to the substantially higher tuition! Dr. Merrell is proud to announce he has been teaching for 3 decades in this field, and plans on continuing for many years to come! OUR PROGRAM CAN SAVE YOU OVER $2,000 and IS COMPLETED IN MONTHS, NOT YEARS !! (see above)

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Every Appraiser is required to take approved appraiser continuing education every 2 years before you renew your license. There are no exceptions. You are also required to attend the 7 Hour USPAP course as part of this Appraiser Continuing  requirement. Do not violate the law. Check with the state to make sure the courses you are taking are approved in NY State.

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