You have Finished Your Classes...Now What?
Now that you have successfully completed the R-1 Course, the R-2 Course, The National USPAP Course and the AQ-1 Course, you will receive your certificate for each course within several days of the completion of the course. Once you have received your 4 certificates, you will file with the State of new York. Here are the steps to file with the State of New York.
FIRST...You have to request an application with the State of New York. The telephone Number to request an application is 518-474-4429. When you speak with a state representative, request an appraisal application package. They will mail the application to you as well as the New York State Licensing Law. You can also download the application, but we recommend that you order one, since the entire package is over 80 pages. (it could use a lot of printer's ink)
SECOND...Once you have the application, fill it out completely and truthfully. Include the original certificates for R-1, R-2, AQ-1 and USPAP with the application. Also include the fee of $ 250.00 (many people forget and then the application is returned to them). You will receive your License as a New York State Licensed Appraiser Assistant within 2-4 weeks by mail. You will also receive an admission card, which will allow you to take the NY State Appraiser License Exam, when it is offered. It is offered approx. 9-10 times per year in several testing centers. Refer to the state for testing locations and dates or go to our web site you information. We have the link listed in our yellowpages.
NEXT...You should put together your resume, and work on your first appraisal (known as the mock appraisal). Once you have completed the appraisal, you can send it to our offices for review. Once reviewed you have a quality appraisal to show potential employers.  (we only review mock appraisals for our graduate students!)  Once you have fully completed the appraisal, send copies to potential employers. This is your key to obtaining a high quality job in the field of Real Estate Appraisal.
The Future... You may decide to become Certified Residential or Certified General down the road. You will need to take R-3 and R-4 for Certified Residential and G-1, 2 and 3 for Certified General. These are on top of the courses you already attended to become an Assistant. The above courses will also count to continuing education. YOU NEED TO TAKE 28 HOUR OF APPROVED CONTINUING EDUCATION before you renew your license, or upgrade your license. This means, that within the next 24 months you must attend more education. The is a mandatory requirement of the State of New York every 2 years for every appraiser.


Much luck and Success in the field of Appraisal!!!    

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