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Indoor Air Quality Value Pack Total Retail Value: $ 975.00+

Save Hundreds! For Merrell Institute Students $ 399.00

The Package includes the following - All for $ 399.00 from ProLab  www.reliablelab.com

IAQ MEGALITE PUMP W/ CASE                    TRI-POD                            4  Z5'S

2 BIO TAPES                                                   2 SWABS                          5 WALL CHECKS

2 PREPAID MAILERS                                      5 LAB ANALYSIS PLUS    1 ALLERGEN CASSETTE (NEW)



And we ask you speak directly with  Pro Lab Vice President, Fidel Z. Effective immediately, once you work with Fidel, he will offer you the contracted price that Merrell Institute is able to get products from. We want you to get the best price available. $ 399.00 Indoor Air Quality Value Pack is for those who want to perform Mold and other Air Quality Sampling. Own your own equipment. A must for Home Inspectors and Appraisers throughout the Country.


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This way you get the best price available, as a graduate of the Merrell Institute.

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pricing, and we have determined you are eligible for these discounts.


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