New York State Appraiser Digest 2007-2008   
Enrollment Form: To view and print this form correctly, go to View, then scroll down to text size and click on the word Smaller. This way the entire page will print correctly and you will be able to send the entire document in 2 pages or less to us for immediate processing.  Within 10 days of enrollment, you will be on the web. Annual fee $ 100. Free for North American Association Network Members.

Name____________________________________________  E-mail____________@_________.______

Phone_____________________________________ Fax_______________________________________

Appraisal Firm________________________________________________________________________

License/Certification #_______________________________________ Expires_______________

Error/Omission Firm_______________________________ Policy #__________________________

Types of Assignments Accepted_____________________________________________________


Counties Serviced____________________________________________________________________


Web Site Address: http://www________________________________________________________

I wish to enroll in the  2007-2008 Digest. I have filled out the above information truthfully and accurately and understand that if any information changes throughout the year, I should send notification to have my information updated on the internet. I have enclosed the fee of $ 85.00, made payable to NYSAN, the publisher of the New York State Appraiser Digest 2006.

Signed________________________________________________ Dated________________________
Mail this completed application to: Merrell Institute, Appraiser Digest 2006, P.O. Box 5931, Hauppauge, NY 11788. This enrollment/registration may be tax deductible under IRS guidelines. Check with your Tax Advisor for more information on deductions. each Appraiser must be listed and enrolled separately.