Appraisal Education Network School and Merrell Institute (under the direction of Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D.) had partnered with McKissock Real Estate for on-line education.

At the decision of the MERRELL INSTITUTE and THE APPRAISAL EDUCATION NETWORK SCHOOL, our organizations are no longer affiliated with McKissock or any of the classes they offer.

We wish their firm well. We decided, after discussion, not to be affiliated with McKissock, effective Immediately. If you are enrolled in a McKissock Class, it is NOT AFFILIATED, ENDORSED NOR RECOGNIZED by the Merrell Institute, nor the Appraisal Education Network School.

If you attended classes while we were affiliated for a short period of time, all records for the McKissock classes are maintained by only them.

The Merrell Institute and Appraisal Education Network School prides itself on customer service and our ability to work with students. We will only offer classes in Appraisal in which we offer the certificates and in which we have control over the courses and the outlines and the materials for our students to make sure that our programs are received by the professional community in a positive way.

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