Finals are graded, and results are mailed. NO INFORMATION is given over the phone! We do not allow students to review final exams which have been approved by the State of New York for use in our courses. This would compromise the confidentiality of the exam and possibly allow a student to violate school policy and share test answers with others.

Since we re-use the exams as permitted by NY State, exams are NEVER reviewed with a student. If a student fails the final exam, he or she will receive a letter explaining their strengths and weaknesses with them. (USPAP tests from the Appraisal Foundation are not reviewed and are controlled by the Certified USPAP Instructor- the exams are the property of the Appraisal Foundation and the school has signed an agreement not to allow any student access to any exam review)

We have filed make-up exams for specific courses with NYS and use them in the event a student fails. We may also suggest retaking the course. A letter will explain it when you receive your results by mail. Again, we do not disclose information over the phone.

All students are aware of this policy and it is explained at the start of each program. It is also included and signed for when the student takes an exam. The student also signs that he/she has met the attendance regulations mandated by NY State.

Certificates for those who graduate are mailed within 2 weeks of course completion. All students are aware of this policy and it is clearly displayed in each classroom.