In-Class Code of Conduct 2016-2017 (revised)

In a perfect world, a document such as this is not necessary. We find ourselves requiring this because some students are simply unable or incapable of following instruction and acting professionally during class.  Unlike the concept, "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT", that concept does not apply in a teaching environment. This is a learning environment and the student is not permitted to openly or in a hostile fashion be disrespectful in class. "EACH STUDENT MUST LISTEN, LEARN AND AT ALL TIMES BE RESPECTFUL TO THE TEACHER AND FELLOW STUDENTS." There is no exception from this rule.

Each student is being taught. It is not a "test the teacher" class, nor "the teacher or the book is wrong" class. Rather, it is a viable, professional course with ample breaks and specific class times and dates, and all students must follow the rules of the school or they may be asked to leave the school for cause.

This Code of Conduct is for Real Estate, Appraisal, Home Inspection, Mold Assessment, Paralegal training and all in-class courses.

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