Article dated December  21, 2009

ESP and Merrell Institute Ink Cooperation of Services Agreement to Collaborate and Jointly Promote Positive Environmental and Energy Solutions for Homeowners and Industry Stakeholders Nationwide

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. ("ESP") (OTCBB: EVSP) establishes strategic relationship with the Merrell Institute(MI), though a memorandum of understanding, to provide value to a property and mitigate risk for the insurance, mortgage banking, building, real estate, and property management industries by reducing claims, instilling confidence in property safety, and promoting a positive green image. This will be accomplished by providing education and training to Certified Environmental Home Inspectors (CEHI(TM)) enabling them to deliver the EcoCheck Inspection(TM) and Healthy Living Maintenance Program(TM) (HLMP).

"We're on a mission to ensure America's homes are safe and have energy efficient environments for every family in our nation. One of the keys to this mission is the ability to enable our Certified Environmental Health Inspectors (CEHI(TM)) to be properly trained, certified, and quality assured. The ultimate goal is for ESP to set the standard and benchmark to be recognized as the 'premier' home energy rating and green inspection company in the nation. The ability of the Merrell Institute and their affiliates to offer on-line solutions that integrate emerging technologies into mainstream inspections practices is second to none and we couldn't be more pleased to have solidified our relationship with them," said Ed Torres, CEO, Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

"Our cooperation of services agreement with ESP represents a critical step forward in our goal to enhance ESP's current training curriculum for the CEHI's(TM) and provide the availability for on-line distance learning. We have been very impressed with ESP's commitment to their employees and to the health, safety, and protection of homeowners. And we're proud to play a central role in the growth and success of their business," said Bill C. Merrell, Owner and Director, Merrell Institute. Additionally, Merrell stated, "Education is a journey... not a destination. We view and value our relationship with ESP in the same manner. Our journey with ESP is to continue the highest quality of training and education so these programs will have a positive impact on both the economic and physical well being of our joint clients."

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. and the Merrell Institute agree that this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will provide the program structure and basis for implementing and expanding their presence within the real estate, mortgage banking, building and residential inspection industries. MI and ESP also agree that the key to risk mitigation for industry stakeholders and peace of mind for consumers is the early detection of potential indoor environmental hazards. ESP and MI commit to jointly promote positive environmental and energy solutions for homeowners nationwide, as well as regulatory, legislative and public policy positions that support the same.

About Merrell Institute, a NYS Proprietary School

The Merrell Institute is one of the largest independent schools in NYS for home inspectors, appraisers and realtors and is located in Bohemia, New York. Bill C. Merrell, Ph.D. the School Director and Founder brings three (3) decades of Professional Education to New York State and approved by other states through reciprocal agreements. National Education Committee Member of InterNACHI; The National Education Director for Housing Inspection Foundation; National Association of Real Estate Appraisers; The Association of Construction Inspectors and National Director for the North American Association Network. Bill C. Merrell Ph.D. serves in an advisory capacity to Educational Institutions of Higher Learning. He is affiliated with multiple schools and educational organizations, both traditional and internet based. Dr. Merrell achieved the National Designation of CDEI from the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC) and mandates all On-Line Educators working with Dr. Merrell's On-Line Programs MUST be IDECC Certified Instructors. Dr. Bill C. Merrell has both IDECC and ARELLO approvals on all required On-Line Distance Learning Courses as mandated by State Regulators. Other Correspondence courses are endorsed and certified by National Associations for their membership. Bill C. Merrell is a Certified Environmental Health Inspector (CEHI(TM)) and is also IAC2 Certified as an International Association Of Certified Indoor Air Consultant. The Merrell Institute provides education and courses, both in a traditional environment and on-line, for Home Inspection, Appraisal, Real Estate and Healthy Home Energy and Environmental Education. Merrell Education Center: Education is a Journey...Not a Destination.

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About Environmental Service Professionals, Inc.

Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (ESP) (OTCBB: EVSP) a California-based, Nevada Corporation, through its various acquisitions has offered environmental services for addressing Mold and Moisture Intrusion and the associated acute or chronic issues that impact the Interior Air Quality of commercial and residential buildings. ESP's mission is to support hard-working American families who wish to buy or rent an affordable, safe and efficient home in the community of their choice. ESP is committed to 1) enhancing the real-estate community stakeholders' policies and procedures to ensure good management and good physical condition to those properties that have gone through the ESP program, 2) serving as a major resource of employment and business opportunities to veterans through access to approved high quality, comprehensive re-training in an environment that fosters trust, respect, commitment, compassion and excellence, and 3) enabling their customers to meet their asset management goals and objectives by providing safety, health and environmental management services in a responsive and cost effective manner.

"Peace of mind for your Family, for your Health and for your Home."

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