We are seen by more people throughout the World than any other Appraisal School in New York State and we are listed by the leading search engines as their most popular sites !

In order to check out how successful our Internet Web Sites are, it makes sense to check out the recognized Search engines, who list firms based upon their popularity. we don't even pay 1 dime to be the most popular. And we offer most of our services in NY State as compared to some National Groups. Look for yourself. Rating change daily so you check out your favorite search engine and see if we are in the rankings!

In each search engine,  type in the words appraisal education and click the appropriate box to begin the search- As of October 7th, 2005 here is where several major search engines listed us ...and we will not pay to be put on a search engine. Our success is due to the fact that we have had much interest in our site throughout the Country! We will update this every year or so to see how we rate- Again, remember to type in the words appraisal education, and you will be the judge!

These are just a few of the majors and where we stack up!

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